Tribotool GmbH

Tribotool GmbH is an innovative supplier of specialized products in the lubricant and lubricant additive sector. The company has been operating successfully in the market since 2013, and has successfully completed numerous projects for renowned shipping companies.

In addition to our core business, Tribotool is also well established in the field of lubricant blending systems for both industry and shipping, as well as in the monitoring of fuel-relevant parameters in engine systems.

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Our products

Tribotool GmbH offers its customers a wide range of specialized and tailor-made solutions in various areas of lubrication technology, ranging from lubricants and lubricant additives to monitoring systems for engines and machinery on ships and in industrial applications.

Our services

Tribotool GmbH offers flexible service and maintenance solutions for blending systems worldwide. We specialize in the planning and design of blending systems and the monitoring of lubricant-related parameters in machinery. Tribotool manufactures optimized solutions for our customers in our own production facilities.

Research and development

At Tribotool GmbH, we are continuously developing new systems in order to stay one step ahead in a market that is characterized by strong competition. Our determination and competence are essential attributes for breaking new ground and offering specialized products and manufacturing processes according to our customer’s requirements.

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